CyberSentinel Box
Protect your children from internet dangers by blocking pornographic websites and supervising what they do online.
CyberSentinel automatically blocks pornographic and other inappropriate web sites and monitors emails, internet chat and social networks for unsuitable content, sex words, grooming phrases and other danger words.
Take the worry out of letting your kids online...
· Supervise without having to look over their shoulder
· Get early warnings of bullying, drug use, gang culture, health issues, gambling problems etc before they become a problem
· Gives you peace of mind that your children are safe online
· Monitor chat and social networks
· Limit computer use and time online
· See all web pages visited and online activity remotely from any PC
· Detects and alerts you to online activity that may be cause for concern
· Create your own family acceptable use policy
· Effective and trusted protection for ages 4-18
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